The Master's Learning Institute

"Providing Home School Education since 1986!"


I can only say keep up with the good you are doing in the educational sector. I thank, and appreciate The Master's Learning Institute for giving me the opportunity to achieve the dream of pursuing my education at University of Houston main campus.  Thanks for the classes I was able to attend, and for all of your guidance.  May God continue to use you to help those who want to better their life through education.

Emmanuel Uvuka - Student

I lacked one credit of receiving my high school diploma. My goal was to attend truck driving school to be a truck driver.  However, without my high school diploma, I was unable to meet the entrance requirements. Through The Master's Learning Institute Adult Ed Program, I earned my high school diploma and was able to meet the entrance requirements of truck driving school. I have received my commercial drivers license and am currently supporting my family with my new career.

Rusty Miller - Student

Since Crystal has been going to school, she has turned her life over to God. She has excelled in her work as well as strengthened her relationship with God. I highly recommend The Master’s Learning Institute to parents and their children. God has truly blessed Sherry and her Staff.

Jean Adkins - Parent

Desiree is a gifted and talented child who has excelled academically three years beyond her age level. At nine years old she mastered sixth grade work. Thank you Master’s Learning Institute staff for the hands on education program that has laid the foundation that will enable her to achieve her goals.

Gene & Mary Traweek - Parent

From child abuse until the age of approximately 7, when I was adopted by a Godly loving family, I developed learning and behavioral disabilities. Although I was given the best of medical and psychological treatment throughout my adolescent years, I could not seem to go beyond my emotional imprisonment that had doomed me for failure. When all seemed lost, a therapist suggested The Master’s Learning Institute as a last hope. With the loyal support of my family and the faculty of The Master’s Learning Institute, God began to heal me. I not only began to excel in school work, but was able to join the vocation program at The Master’s Learning Institute enabling me to work part-time. Quickly I became a valued employee and a favorite of students and parents. I graduated in 2001, and am now a private school teacher in Arizona. The Master’s Learning Institute gave me the training, love and encouragement that equipped me to be the success I am today. I couldn't have done it without The Master's!

Amie Thome - Student

Zach was having problems in public school, partly because of ADD, and probably just because he's a teenager. I think the caring teachers that had time to help Zach one on one were the best thing that ever happened to him. There was a real possibility that Zach would have gotten in trouble or dropped out of public school. I think the more relaxed atmosphere and individual attention kept Zach interested in completing the courses and getting his High School Diploma.

Glenna Bozeman - Student