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What The Master's can offer your student online!

We encourage you to explore our curriculum, and the different programs we offer.   Depending on the students needs, our school can offer highly accredited programs that are recognized worldwide.

If you are specifically looking for a home school recognized program that will give the student the ability to go to community college, or receive employment this is will be determined during our enrollment process.  The accredited programs we offer can be explored, and will be considered self paced, not accelerated. Our school will offer some accelerated programs to our special needs students that are more career minded, or are possibly not interested in college.  These accelerated programs can be discussed with our office in more detail.  All students are unique, that’s why we will always do our best to provide the specialized attention to each students needs.  All of our lower grades (3rd – 8th),  will be required to complete standard self paced curriculum.  Our accelerated programs will only be offered through our State recognized home school.  Our Accredited programs which can include AP Courses, and CTE Courses will only be standard self paced curriculum.  Our Accredited programs are accredited by Advanced Ed, and are recognized worldwide as accredited.  Again, please be aware that each program is unique, and a student’s needs will be determined through our enrollment process.