Legal Information

Legal Information:

The Master’s Learning Institute is recognized throughout the United States as a Private Learning Institute, and Home School Service.Our School is a “Nontraditional Secondary Educational Program” as outlined in the Texas Education Code established by the 78th legislature on September 1, 2003. We must be coded as a Non-accredited private home school program, with the published knowledge that we are NOT accredited “Through” Texas by the TEA, or TEPSAC. We ARE accredited IN TEXAS as a Private Learning Institution, (Nontraditional Secondary Educational Home School program).  However, the State of Texas considers successful completion of a nontraditional secondary education to be equivalent to graduation from a public high school. An institution of higher education must treat an applicant for admission to the institution as an undergraduate student who presents evidence that the person has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education. Each applicant must be considered by the same general standards as other applicants for undergraduate admission who have graduated from a public high school.  An institution of higher education may not require an applicant who presents evidence that the person has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education to:

1. Obtain, or submit evidence that the person has received a general education development certificate, certificate of high school equivalency, or other credentials equivalent to a public high school degree.

2. Take an examination, or comply with any other application, or admission requirement not generally applicable to other applicants for undergraduate admission to the institution.

All programs that The Master’s Learning Institute offers, are monitored.  Each individual participating in the programs offered by The Master’s Learning Institute are held to the highest level of accountability when completing the program of their choice. Whether it be through daily classes, home school learning, or any other program The Master’s Learning Institute offers our students are all held to a higher standard. The Master’s Learning Institute is recognized nationally as a Private School/Home School Service, and our transcripts may be used at Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Vocational Schools or Universities, (see House Bill #944, and Texas Education Code, Section 51.9241). These documents protect our students from discrimination when applying to institutions of Higher Learning. Every Graduate will receive a copy of these documents in their Graduation Packet.  In addition, our diplomas are also accepted by the Criminal Justice System and Military only if criteria is met by our students that the different branches of the Military, and the State Depts. require. The Master’s Learning Institute works with other non-profit organizations that contribute to our students financially.  Our certification of your high school diploma is comparable to what you’d receive in a traditional school, because we are nationally recognized as a Private School, and Home School Service. It is important to note that The Master's Learning Institute also requires each student to provide an SAT/ACT testing score to apply to institutions of higher learning, Vocational School, Military Branch, or University.  These scores serve as a recognized State Scored test and will support the Diploma Certificate received by MLI.  Click Here to review our SAT/ACT Requirements!

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