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Graduation Ceremony Information

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Important Information

Our graduation ceremony is held by a religious institution. We expect that it will be treated with the same respect that you would treat your own church or place of worship. Food and drinks will not be allowed. You will be responsible for keeping your children in their seats, If anyone becomes disruptive during the ceremony, you will be asked to leave. All graduates must remain seated during the ceremony and stay in their seats until they are dismissed by the director. No graduates will be permitted to leave until the ceremony has completely concluded. After the ceremony has concluded, we ask that you pick up any personal articles, trash, or additional programs. Please take the items with you, or throw them away in the nearest trash can.The Master's Learning Institute tries to make this a memorable event for the entire family, so please assist us in doing so by following the rules or you will be asked to leave. Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions, please contact the nearest Master's Learning Institute

prior to your locations graduation deadline.