The Master's Learning Institute

"Providing Home School Education since 1986!"

First Gospel International, Inc.

Who Is First Gospel International Inc.?

​First Gospel International Inc., Is a Non-Profit Religious Organization established as an Interdenominational entity for the express purpose of healing broken, and or hurting people of all faiths, denominations, or ethnicity.

 We are a Church.It has been our mission since 1986 to reflect Jesus in all we endeavor to do for Christ.  Our many outreaches have fed the hungry, clothed the homeless, and touched the lives of many children.  We have also provided housing, utility payments, assisted with medical expenses, or medication as needed to those in need when funds were available to do so.  However, the one mission outreach that has touched the lives of so many has been our Private Christian Schools.

Although the name has changed through the years to reflect location or growth our mission has always been the same.This mission has been to assist people with the education needed to accomplish the dreams, and goals they have set for their lives, or the lives of their children. In the year 2000 we became incorporated to enable those who gave to our non-traditional educational programs the benefit of tax breaks. We felt they deserved it for being gracious enough to donate and help others.  We are, and have always been independent of State, and Federal funding.  We are truly a Private funded organization established to heal broken lives.  With God's help, we will continue to reflect his love to those who need the touch of the Master.

What is the Outreach Ministry of First Gospel International, Inc.?

The Master's Learning Institute is a Non-Traditional Secondary Educational Program that provides an opportunity for people of all ages to excel in life with a High School Diploma.  We offer a Private School Learning Center setting for students to learn at their own pace.  Our Learning Center instills biblical & moral character, and integrity.  Incorporated in our Learning Center is a Home School Extension Program with instruction, and accountability for each student's success while achieving their goals. 

How can you donate?

Contact our Corporate Office, Church, and Main Campus in Merkel, TX.

309 FM 707 N.
Merkel, TX 79536

​(325) 795-9489