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About Sherry A. Lyle

Executive Director/Principal/Director/Counselor

Mrs. Sherry A. Lyle. Fondly known as “Sister Sherry”, has been in the ministry for many years, functioning as a Pastor, Executive Director, and Instructor. She is an ordained minister with over 35 years of experience working with children with special needs. In the past she has provided counseling and pastoral care for donations. Her life has been dedicated to honoring God by meeting the needs of others physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is currently Pastor of The First Gospel International Fellowship which has been in existence for 34 years. It has been through the ministry of the church that Sister Sherry has ministered to others by providing clothes, food, and medical attention. There have been countless changed lives that are a result of her ministry, and dedication to the school that she declares is God's design at work each and every day of her life.

 Dr. Shawn W. Clark

   Is No Longer Affiliated With

    The Master's Learning Institute

Any questions regarding his affiliation should be directed to our Executive Director Sherry Lyle