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Enrollment Information

When a student, and/or parent decides to enroll a student into our program we would like for you to understand our procedures.  You may also want to ask any questions when calling our office for information, if you are still unclear.

1.  If you are interested in our Online Program, (Please Click here to be redirected to that information)

2. Locate the Learning Center closest to you, or the representative for the area nearest you. This information is located on the Contact Page. (Click Here for the Contact Page)

3. Call for Information regarding our programs, or to schedule the enrollment appointment.  You may also be recommended to consult if our Attendance Based Program is recommended. Please inform the Registrar at this time if you are interested in the Military, or are participating in the DACA Program. 

4. When preparing for your appointment please be sure that you have a current copy of your Transcript, Photo ID, and Enrollment Fee ready to be presented at the time of the appointment.  If Parental Consent is required, the Parent must provide Photo ID also, and be prepared to read and sign all of the enrollment documents. If translation is needed for a parent, the parent will be responsible for providing this, if it is not provided at the location you are using.  You may also save some time by filling out the enrollment forms that can be remitted to us before your appointment. You may contact our office during our normal business hours, and our registrar can email a copy of the registration paperwork to be filled out.  You can either fax the forms back, email them, or bring them in with you at the time of your scheduled appointment.

5. Make a note of your appointment time, and please let the office know if you have to reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  If you do not reschedule, or are a "No Show", a $100.00 fee will be required to reschedule in the future. (Due to COVID our "No Show", or "Rescheduling Fee", has increased, because our space is limited.  We are maintaining Social Distancing with all of our students, and so it is important for you to keep the appointment you make.)

6.  When preparing for your appointment please make sure that you have child care provided off campus.  We are a school, our space is limited, and we do not allow children to be unattended in our school.  

7.  On the day of your appointment please be prepared to spend at least a minimum of 2 1/2 hours at our facility, unless you will just be completing enrollment documentation.

Our hope, is that this information can assist you in a smooth enrollment process into our program.

 We look forward to assisting you with the next step into your future!