Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (Cont.)

6.  If I’m under 18 years of age, can I still attend The Master's Learning Institute Program?

We will evaluate each individual’s situation. If you are a minor under the age of 18, we do require an authorized parent or guardian to sign a release form, and present Identification on behalf of the applicant in order to begin the consultation process. After the release form and identification are verified, we will do the consultation, and discuss what program the student qualifies for.

7.  What’s required to enroll in The Master’s Learning Institute Program?

You must provide a transcript, and a photo id. If you are a minor, you must bring a parent or guardian that can present a picture id as well. This parent or guardian must be able to legally sign consent forms for you. If a transcript is not available, we will be requesting it from your previous school so please inform the registrar when applying for enrollment. (Click Here For More Info.)

8.  Who issues the Diploma & Transcript?

The Master’s Learning Institute.

9.  What is the religious affiliation of the Master's Learning Institute?

We are a Educational Facility for all faiths, and denominations, bringing the hope of healing, and wholeness to children, parents, and families.

10.  What High School will my Diploma have on it?

The Master's Learning Institute.

11.  How much will it cost to get additional copies of my Diploma and transcript?

The cost will vary depending on each persons needs.  If it has to be mailed, their may be an additional charge for postage.

12.  If I make a donation is it tax deductible?

Yes, we are a non-profit organization, so all donations, sponsors, or gifts are tax deductible.

13.  When can I schedule an appointment to register for The Master’s Program?

Please call the location closest to you to schedule an appointment. Appointment times may vary depending on location.

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14.  Can I use the Master's diploma and transcripts for a job?

Absolutely!  We have witnessed many individuals that keep their jobs because their employment required a diploma and many others obtain new employment with better compensation by having the Master's diploma. 

15.  Will my child be able to graduate in cap and gown from The Master’s Learning Institute?

Yes, The Master's Learning Institute offers a Cap and Gown Ceremony at most locations. Please check with the location nearest you for details if they are not provided on the Graduation Information page of our website.

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