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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will the Military accept my diploma & transcript?

Home School Students Authorization Forms of Home School Completion is required when applying for any Military Branch of Service. It is the descretion of each Branch of Military Service whether a Home School Student can qualify. The specific criteria changes continually, and it is difficult to determine what requirements will need to be met. Therefore you must consult your personal recruiter for that information. (Click Here For More Info.)

2.  Will Universities and Vocational Schools accept my diploma & transcript?

Yes, our transcripts, and diplomas have been accepted by Colleges and Vocational Schools nationwide.  Each College and Vocational School has entrance criteria that must be met, and you will be required to meet it in order to obtain admission.

3.  What separates us from other online High School Diploma programs offered on the Internet?

Diploma's are accepted by the State of Texas.  We are not an online testing organization; in fact every program that The Master’s Learning Institute offers is a monitored program. Our staff is trained, and Certified to assist each student with the program they feel best fits their needs. Our Diploma and transcripts are accepted at community colleges, major colleges, by the military, vocational schools and business organizations. Our Diploma is an Official Home School Certification and can be used to improve your quality of life.

4.  Is the school accredited?

As a Non-traditional Secondary Education, we are considered non-accredited, and recognized as a Home School Program in the State of Texas.  However , NO Home School is required by State or Federal Law to be accredited .

Our students have the same legal rights for admission to any School of Higher Learning as any Public School Graduate according to State Bill #944.   Although we are not TEA, or TEPSAC accredited we have been blessed to serve many people because of our Non-traditional Status that could never have acquired a High School Diploma through the Public School System. (Click Here For Accreditation and Legal Info.)

5.  Does the Master’s Learning Institute offer classes?

The Master's Learning Institute offers two programs- Our Attendance Based Program, and our Home School Service. Both utilize self-paced programs that offer assisted learning by certified instructors.

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