The Master's Learning Institute

"Providing Home School Education since 1986!"

Adult Education Program - Established 2002

Our Home School Program has touched the lives of hundreds of people of all ages. With hard work, utilizing our Instructors, and Accelerated Christian  Educational Curriculum, you too can succeed. 

When a student enrolls in the program, the student will complete an Analysis Test, receive a Lesson Plan with a projected date of graduation, and an Attendance Schedule for the student's specific needs.  When the student's specified Lesson Plan is completed, the student will receive a Certificate of their High School Diploma, and the Transcripts of their grades.

​Even though some of these students have struggled for years trying to accomplish this one goal in life, they soon realize through The Master's Learning Institute, that God has made this possible. To enroll in this program contact one of the schools in your area. The student will be required to produce personal identification along with a copy of their high school transcript for enrollment, as well as a tuition fee.

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