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Home School Program Accreditation Information

Although our church has an accreditation committee that oversees our schools and we are inspected yearly for compliance with the state of Texas as a Non-Traditional Secondary Educational Program. We do not declare that we are accredited because it might be misconstrued as being accredited thru TEA or TEPSAC. We are not. We are Not State or Federally Funded , and do not have to be accredited as a Home School Service/Program in Texas.

In fact our students in many cases are more accepted as a Home School Graduate than any other Private School or Accredited status. You are not required by law in the State of Texas to be accredited. We have a strong Home School Lobby in Texas for Home School Students who choose a Non-Traditional way of becoming educated. We have declared our independence since 1986, and will remain Independent to protect those who choose to have a Godly Education in the State of Texas and Nationwide. Hundreds of our students have accomplished the needs and dreams of a lifetime thru the High School Diploma and Transcript The Masters Learning Institute provides.  It is important to note that The Master's Learning Institute also requires each student to provide an SAT/ACT testing score to apply to institutions of higher learning, Vocational School, Military Branch, or University.  These scores serve as a recognized State Scored test and will support the Diploma Certificate received by MLI.  We pray to always remain Independent and be of service to those who choose The Master's. May God Bless your educational Journey.  

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