The Master's Learning Institute

"Providing Home School Education since 1986!"

The Masters Learning Institute is a non-traditional secondary

educational program.  Established In 1986 as a​ Christian Private School, and recognized nationwide as a Home School Program.

We have seen countless young, middle aged, and senior adults acquire a High School Diploma through our unique educational program. Their lives have been changed forever, because they were given a chance to expand their horizon through a positive educational experience.

 It matters not to The Master’s Learning Institute what your background, religious preference, or the things you may have been judged on in the past. It is our desire that we offer you an open door, and an opportunity to the future.

We understand that a High School Diploma can get an individual on the right track to a better paying job, college, vocational, or technical school if they desire. So, it is the hope, and prayer of our program, and staff that we can afford every student this opportunity.